Installation of Central heating systems

Renewable Energy Limited install hydronic central heating system with a focus on low carbon energy sources.
Hydronic central heating mean heating systems that use water to distribute the heat from a central boiler to energy emitters throughout the home.

Using a hydronic system has many advantages over ducted air systems:

heated towel rail installation
radiator installation

Radiators and towel rails:

  • Radiators are perfect for New Zealands’ temperate climate due to the fast reaction times and individual control of radiators
  • Radiators are quiet and give off a comfortable and even heat throughout a home. Each radiator has its own thermostat providing infinite control and individual comfort levels for each room.
  • Radiators do not blow air and so not create drafts as fan assisted systems do.
  • Radiators add a stylish quality to any home and is an indication of quality and comfort.
  • ​Renewable Energy Limited install radiators in new and existing homes. Also commercial premises such as schools.
in slab underfloor heating installation example

In-slab underfloor heating

In-slab underfloor heating is the ultimate in discreet comfort. Because heat radiates from the floor the entire heated space is cozy, warm and luxurious.

Under-floor heating has no visual components, freeing up wall space

Heating spaces from the floor up is the most comfortable way of heating for the human body (feet warmer than your head).

Under-floor heating is essential for hard, usually cold floor coverings such as tiles or
polished concrete. Under-floor heating is also effective at heating spaces with wooden floors or carpet.

underfloor heating overlayed

Overlay underfloor heating

​For existing homes or upper floors REL can install overlay underfloor heating systems, such as the Variotherm. REL also install Variothem wall heating systems.

​Panels are placed on the ground with grooves for pipe to fit. Once pipe has been fitted in place then a levelling compound is poured over the whole floor.
Once this is complete then floor coverings can be installed on top.
​Overlay underfloor heating has all the advantages underfloor heating with the responsiveness and control of radiators.
This makes overlay underfloor heating a premium home heating system.