Most frequent questions and answers

Solar water heating only heats the water in a hot water cylinder and does not generate electricity. Solar PV on the other hand only generates electricity. The two systems are completely separate and are suitable for different homes and businesses.

This depends on your home and lifestyle or business needs.  We always want to get the best savings for every customer so it is best to get in touch with us, we’ll ask for some basic information and then provide you with a recommendation. We can then arrange a free assessment to investigate the best options for you and to talk about these in more detail.

Yes. If you are not using a hot water cylinder at present solar PV is probably a better way for you to make long term savings.

We can generally use the existing cylinder if it is still in serviceable condition. There can be issues with older cylinders when we come to connecting new fittings although the solar water system will not affect the cylinder directly.

Yes, we can offer a complete package or individual components. We will work closely with your project manager and tradesmen to ensure our part in your project runs smoothly. We offer free energy efficiency advice on your design to ensure you get the maximum savings and comfort once your home is built.

We certainly hope so! We only use high quality components with good manufacturer support. All of our systems are covered under extensive manufacturer warranties and our own workmanship guarantees. We are a local company, committed to the long term sustainability of our systems and NZ homes. We offer a very comprehensive back up service and never install anything we haven’t thoroughly tested already… usually in our own homes and workplace!

We have our base in Rotorua and team members in Whakatane and Tauranga. We install across the Bay of Plenty and often work in Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo, Waikato and Coromandel. For some jobs we will work in other locations in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Contact us for more details on your specific requirements.

Yes, we have over 15 years experience installing central heating systems using radiators and underfloor pipes. We have the expertise to specify and install a range of different heat sources and fuels – wood and pellet boilers, gas and diesel boilers, air to water heat pumps and ground source heat pumps.