Installation of pellet boilers

Pellet boilers have low running costs when compared to electricity or LPG and pellet boilers produce 90% less carbon than an equivalent gas or diesel boiler

REL have been promoting wood pellet boilers for over 15 years.
Wood pellets are made in New Zealand from waste saw dust and are a low carbon energy source. Pellet boilers are suitable for:

NZ manufactured wood pellets

Easypell boilers burn wood pellets. These pellets are manufactured in New Zealand from waste sawdust and wood shavings, materials that usually end up in landfill if not used.

High temperature water heating – radiators and underfloor

Easypell wood pellet boilers deliver water heating at up to 85°C. Your central heating system can therefore include radiators and/or underfloor pipes heat distribution. You are free to choose any radiator or combination of systems that meet your home heating needs, the boiler output will not restrict your central heating system design.

Domestic hot water, swimming and spa pools

The Easypell boiler will also fulfil all your domestic hot water needs. It can even be used to heat a spa pool, hot tub or swimming pool. With these high heat loads you’ll probably want a larger pellet store and the option of vacuum pellet delivery to the day hopper. Talk to us about options.

Easypell Pellet Boiler

Domestic Pellet Boilers​

​Easypell pellet boilers are a reliable, sustainable and affordable technology for home heating and domestic hot water. They can also heat a spa pool, hot tub or swimming pool. Easypell boilers are available in a range of output sizes to suit any home – 16kW, 20kW, 25kW, 32kW.

Easypell boilers have been designed and developed by OkoFEN, a leading Austrian manufacturer of domestic and commercial pellet boilers established in 1990. They utilise advanced combustion control developed by OkoFEN so there is no need for a buffer tank – the boiler can be connected directly to any heating system and will operate in the same way as a gas or diesel boiler, whilst avoiding fossil fuels.

All Easypell boilers have extremely low emissions and therefore can be used in the most restrictive airshed. All Easypell boilers are approved by Environment Canterbury (ECAN) as Ultra Low Pellet Boilers.

okofen commercial pellet boiler installation

Commercial Pellet Boilers

Pellet boilers are a fantastic alternative to fossil fuels for New Zealand business’s and schools

Over the years REL have completed a number of commercial pellet boiler installations, mostly in accomodation facilities.

Currently we use Pellematic wood pellet boilers.
Pellematic boilers installed in containers as stand alone combination pellet storage and boiler rooms.

Where do I buy wood pellets

Over 100,000 tonnes of pellets are manufactured annually in NZ. There is a well-established distribution network with Bunnings and Mitre 10 carrying 10-20kg bags of pellets. There is an option for direct delivery of pellets from the manufacturer’s if you can store at least three tonnes to make delivery economic (3 tonnes needs around 4.5m³ of space).

In addition to being ten times more efficient for carbon emissions than heat pumps, burning wood pellets avoids the use of refrigerants. Refrigerants have a very high Global Warming Potential.

Depending on the refrigerant, if released in to the atmosphere it will be a 670 to 2,000 times more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Therefore, three kilos of refrigerant (a standard charge for a 16kW heat pump) is the equivalent of 2 to 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions if released to the atmosphere.

This is an important consideration as most heat pump failures occur because of refrigerant leaks and appropriate end of life disposal of the complete system also becomes absolutely critically important.

What are the running costs

Bags of pellets are available from Bunnings and Mitre 10 (Nature’s Flame & Firetime brands are made in New Zealand) for 58c to 67c per kilo. There are 5 kWh of energy in each kilo of fuel so the cost is 12c to 13c per kWh.

Bulk delivery of pellets are available for a lower running cost of 8-10c/kWh, depending on your location. You will need to be able to receive and store 3 tonnes minimum. This would require about 4.5m³ of space. Get in touch to discuss storage and delivery options if this option would suit you.
Comparison of energy use and running costs as a guideCentral heating of new home – 250m2, standard insulation, 22°C temperature, Zone 1 or 2, average figures

How easy are they to operate

The Easypell boilers start, stop and control their output automatically. The only jobs required are refuelling and emptying the ash can. The ash is a certified organic fertiliser and can be applied directly to the garden for bigger veggies and healthier flowers.

On average during winter an Easypell boiler will need refuelling once a week, with ten 15kg bags.

The ash container will need to be emptied once a month.
The boiler needs to be serviced once per year by an approved service agent or the installer